At CleanTech Systems, we specialize in commercial janitorial services in Ocean and Monmouth counties in New Jersey. Our comprehensive janitorial services ensure that your commercial business is clean, bacteria-free, and looking its best. At CleanTech Systems, we can create a commercial cleaning plan specifically tailored to your needs. From spotless floor cleaning to pressure washing services, carpet cleaning, and more, our team uses the highest quality equipment to ensure that we meet all of your janitorial needs. Whether your business is an office building, a school, factory, medical building, or another commercial property, we deliver stunning results. Our cleaning specialists pay attention to detail to ensure that we provide a thorough and comprehensive cleaning. With our top-rated cleaning products, modern technology, and trusted experience, we guarantee superior commercial janitorial services.  


New Jersey Janitorial / Commercial Cleaning Services FAQ

Do you clean medical facilities?

Yes, we offer janitorial and sanitization services to medical facilities, clinics, and nursing homes.

Do you clean large offices?

Yes, we have the janitorial staff, equipment, and expertise to handle large buildings, such as corporate offices and municipalities

Do you clean schools?

Yes, we provide janitorial services for many school facilities in New Jersey.

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